Systems thinking is not a solution; instead, it gives us ways to ask better questions.

pattern: circular causality

pattern: draw in two dimensions.

pattern: draw it again.

pattern: look for multiplicatives (effects that happen multiple ways)

pattern: look for reinforcing loops

pattern: look for balancing loops

pattern: every system is a subsystem

pattern: error correction

pattern: aim for wholeness, not universality

pattern: incremental improvement

pattern: influence instead of control

pattern: change propensities

pattern: multiple models

pattern: decouple rates of change

pattern: forecast instead of predict

pattern: everything new is broken

pattern: purpose space instead of problem space

pattern: metamessages (layers of communication)

pattern: disregard linear effects

antipattern: apply your model broadly

antipattern: save money

antipattern: zero-sum games

antipattern: certainty