Dynamics in Action (2002) by Alicia Juarrero

If you want to get deep into how human behavior happens, with detailed philosophy and some math, this is an important book. It’s significant in the modern conversation in philosophy.

This book is not about dynamics. (I thought at first it’d be about physics.) This is a book about action – deliberate human action. (It’s philosophy!)

IMO this book answers the question of “do we have free will?” Spoiler: it’s “we have influence, not control, over what we do.”

This is a tough read, because it’s academic. There’s a lot of review of existing work, starting with Aristotle. (That part was interesting, because it was mostly new to me.) It’s also really expensive on Amazon at the moment. But the author provides a pdf on her website!

Favorite chapter: Chapter 10, Dynamical Constraints as Landscapes: Meaning and Behavior as Topology.