Are you frustrated with how illogical the world is and baffled by how smart people and well-written software can do wrong things?

If you long for the days when programs were correct and people believed rightly, well sorry, we can’t help you.

But if you’re ready to find new ways of making sense of the world, and discovering new tools for acting in the world as it is right now, this workshop is for you.

Kent Beck and Jessica Kerr will step through an introduction to systems thinking. With examples from software and life, and concepts like feedback loops and leverage points and propensities, we will step through the basics of seeing and changing systems.

We will resolve paradoxes like “Theseus’s Ship” and “The Chicken and The Egg”, gain insight into distributed systems and symmathesies, and answer questions like, “Why is romantic love so powerful?” and “Why does software get harder to change over time?” and “Why will your enterprise never let you self-organize?”

Come with your questions, leave with new (and maybe even better?) questions.

The next workshop is 21 June 2021 – 25 June 2021. Come join us!

Expect six sessions over three days in one week.

Expect three half-days of sessions: 90 minutes, then an hour break, then 90 minutes.

Sign up early to get your care package before the workshop.

We have a few things to mail to you, and it’ll be more fun if you receive them in time.

Proper Workshop Attire

Is it even possible to learn about systems thinking without the right attire? Probably. But why risk it when you can get a tee-shirt?